Bringing education and industry together to build quality in the performing arts.

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At the centre of the PALINK partnership are business’ co-founders Matthew Aris (Education Director) and Nathan Weyers (Industry Director). Matthew is a teacher, director and researcher with 20 years’ experience producing shows in a variety of education and industry contexts, whilst Nathan is a designer with 15 years’ experience in scenery design, construction and touring large scale musical productions.

Matthew and Nathan have been collaborating since 2012, staging musical theatre that showcases performing arts students to school and wider community audiences. These shows have brought together professional designers, set makers, technicians and theatre managers to collaborate with school teachers, students and volunteers. 

Matthew and Nathan believe that functional and inclusive partnerships between education and art industry are the key to unlocking the potential of performing arts events to transform the lives of students.



Education Director
Diploma of Performing Arts (Theatre); Masters of Education (Research)
P: +61 412 458 007


Industry Director
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Design)
P: +61 439 479 572

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