Frequently Asked Questions

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+ 1. What is this all about?

A major event in which schools are engaging with more frequency is in the production of musicals. With most schools now producing a full-scale musical once every year or two years.

One of the biggest barriers to the success of these musicals has been the lack of knowledge of just how much work is involved in delivering a full-scale production. Staging school performances - especially musicals usually require a wider scope of skills, resources and roles than schools alone can provide.

The reality is that performing arts teachers just don’t have enough time and capacity despite an expectation to do so.

Increasingly, however, schools who can’t source the expertise within their school community are approaching the Performing Arts Link to fill this gap and provide technical and design expertise that is packaged and geared specifically for schools.

+ 2. What is Show Ready?

The goal of our ready hire and ready design shows is to create a national database of pre-used sets and/or set designs for schools and local theatre companies who want to stage full-scale musical productions.

The main benefit to schools is that they get a professional looking set – delivered, installed and removed at a fraction of the cost of building alone.

More benefits to schools who choose Show Ready:

  • Greater choice in set concepts and specifications to suit a range of venues and budgets.
  • Can see what you will be getting immediately, making it a suitable alternative to sourcing your own designer and/or building alone.
  • Time and resource strapped Performing Arts departments skip a laborious ‘concept to plan’ stage and move straight to rehearsal.
  • Get support in the form of renderings, floorplans, onsite visits, rehearsal floor tape-up, tech plots and prompt copies saving hours of additional work.
  • Cost efficient, time efficient and resource efficient
  • Sustainable solution because schools don’t have to store, manage and/or discard sets.

+ 3. What if the set doesn’t fit into our school’s venue?

PALINK sets have been specifically designed and manufactured to fit into multiple venues. Once we have the specifications of your theatre venue, our designer and builder appropriate each set for different size venues.

+ 4. Do show packages come with lighting and sound?

Standard show packages do not come with sound and lighting. However, through our industry partnerships we can source the right people for the job on your behalf.

+ 5. Does a school have to share a set or set design? What if we decide that we want our own show built?

No. You do not have to share a set. If you have a specific design/concept in mind for your next production, PALINK will work with you to realise your vision.

+ 6. Can students work backstage or in some other technical capacity during these shows?

Yes, our industry mentors can be on site during the production rental to train your students crews. Students benefit from learning industry practices and procedures on the job with an experienced industry professional.

+ 7. When do we get the set installed?

As part of the standard package, PALINK sets are installed into your venue 8 days prior to opening night. We have found this to be an ideal amount of time, however, you can elect to hire the set for a longer period of time if required.

+ 8. How do we work without a set at school during the rehearsal period?

Show sets include a user-friendly design rendering, that take the guess work out of stage blocking and choreography. Our Education Director will also visit your school before your rehearsals start to answer any questions and work with you on how to best utilise your rehearsal space.